When searching for a job, especially in a competitive market, it is essential to put your best resume forward. In today’s blog we will discuss resume red flags and how our team can help you avoid them. 

Beware of Using AI 

Using ChatGPT or other AI platforms to write your resume is tempting, but AI isn’t without its faults. ChatGPT cannot understand what is required in a modern resume and can include inaccurate information or use outdated formats.  

“More than half (53%) of hiring managers say they have reservations about resumes that include AI-generated content, with 20% calling it a “critical issue” that might prevent them from hiring someone.”


Having a robot generate your resume won’t get you ahead of the competition. ChatGPT is not a flawless system, and it’s typical that the bot will write resumes and cover letters the old-fashioned way, which is not conducive to getting in front of the hiring manager in 2024.  

Job hopping 

There are a variety of reasons to have lapses of employment, whether taking a leave after the birth of a child, caring for an elderly or sick parent, being laid off, or taking time off to consider different options. Using a skills-based resume can help avoid raising red flags about job hopping.  

“Resumes showing a pattern of frequent job-hopping make 50% of hiring managers hesitant to move forward with a candidate.” 

Resumes With Results custom builds your resume or curriculum vitae with your valuable skill set so the focus remains on your achievements and successes. We highlight important skills and market your worth as a potential employee rather than simply creating a laundry list of your jobs. 

Errors and poor formatting  

We have spoken before about the ways in which formatting can negatively impact your resume. it is vital that your resume makes a lasting impression with font choice, avoiding images, and using correct grammar and punctuation.

“Ultimately, you want the hiring manager to focus on you, as the candidate, versus the mistakes on your resume.” 

It is vital that your resume appeals not only to the human eye, but to Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) as well. Important keywords, proper formatting, and marketing your skills effectively are all key players in creating a successful resume. 

Resumes with Results focuses on building lasting, and genuine, relationships with our clients, which allows us to have a clear understanding of your goals, skills, and value. We also understand the challenges people face when crafting a resume, and we work diligently to help you overcome these obstacles.

Our team wants you to be excited to submit your resume as you go forward in your job search journey. If you have questions or would like to speak with us more about your resume, please contact our team today.