A few weeks ago, we discussed the importance of being aware of red flags and false guarantees offered by many “professional” resume writing companies. Recently, we have received inquiries about the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and if we test our resumes through software to rate its quality. Many people consider using a free online ATS screening and our competitors promise a guaranteed job offer through ATS screening. However, this raises several problems, which we will discuss today.

One such problem is an online ATS scanner will not give accurate measurements for your end goal.  When developing a resume, you should always tailor it to the specific job requirements. An organization’s ATS distributes points depending on the keywords an HR department inputs during the creation of the job posting. These keywords are specific to each position; therefore, nobody outside of the company would know exactly which keywords are used, aside from common traits.

When companies claim they can “beat” the ATS system with their own programs, they are deceiving you with false promises. While different ATS software is based on similar foundation, their use and capabilities vary. Combine this with the fact that a resume company would not know exactly what keywords have been input, fictitious results are a given.

The last problem we’ll discuss today is what happens when your resume does pass the ATS. Your resume must still impress the person who will ultimately read your resume.

So, while it’s important to ensure you resume is ATS friendly, it is only a small part of the overall impression of your resume. Once it reaches the hands of a human, it must establish authority, be clear and concise, and highlight your skills. Our skills-based resumes, which are keyword friendly, are more likely to help lead you to your dream job. We craft polished resumes that effectively market you. They also give you the best opportunity to pass the ATS software, as well as human beings.

One of the key factors that differentiates Resumes with Results from these types of companies is that we understand a variety of industries. This gives us insight into keywords that are more likely to be used. Many of our competitors make fictitious promises to people who don’t understand the software, and then guarantee them an interview. This is not only false marketing, but also unethical.

The only “value” of an online ATS offered by resume writing companies is to mislead the customer and sell a new resume under false pretenses. When you work with our team, we work with you, and for you. Above all, we promise to be honest, trustworthy, and professional in our services and product.