Last week, we debunked four common resume myths. One such myth was addressing gaps of time on your resume. But when you work with Resumes with Results you will see how easy a skills-based resume can alleviate any stress as well as any gaps in your resume. 

There are a variety of reasons an individual will have lapses of employment throughout their professional career. Whether it be from taking a leave after the birth of a child, caring for an elderly or sick parent, being laid off, or taking time off to consider different options. Using our skills-based resumes, these breaks are not an issue. 

Most people are familiar with chronological resumes. While this format has been around for a long time, that does not mean that it is the best. In fact, we would argue otherwise! It is very much outdated for today’s standards.

The biggest problem with a chronological resume is that its focus is on your work history rather than your value. For example, if you have a gap in work history, chronological resumes will work against you. However, a skills-based resume will focus on your skill set, rather than simply listing your job biography. While a chronological resume can feature added skills, it is not the same as a true skills-based resume.

Our skills-based resumes eliminate the common worry that surrounds spaces of time,

and offers an effective solution to this area of concern.

We understand the anxiety about how these may be perceived on your resume and how they should be addressed. That is where our expertise can help you navigate and alleviate your stress. Breaks are completely normal, and we assure you that many people have them. It is not about the gaps of time but, rather, how your resume markets you as an ideal candidate.

If you find yourself concerned about any employment breaks of your own, the skills- based resume is perfect for your situation. We would love to help! Contact our team today and let us get started.