When it comes to your executive resume, we have discussed in detail what you should include. You always want to ensure you are concise, professional, and highlight your value. It is key to present yourself in the best light and maximize your success. So, in today’s blog, we want to discuss some things you should avoid on your executive resume.

Irrelevant details 

Ensure all the information included in your executive resume is relevant to the role in which you are applying. Keep your executive resume focused on the most relevant skills and experiences. While you are likely to have a long list of accomplishments, something from fifteen years ago is not as important as something from two or three years ago.  

Job roles, outdated skills, or hobbies that aren’t relevant to the position should be avoided. Always ensure you tailor your resume to the specific executive role you are submitting your resume for. 

Generic language 

It can be easy to fall into the trap of using certain buzzwords, cliches or generic statements that are common on all resumes. Often, when writing your resume, phrases like “team player” and “results-driven” get overused and hiring managers lose interest. Therefore, to ensure you don’t decrease the impact of your resume, use specific achievements and quantifiable results that showcase your value and accomplishments.  

Lists of responsibilities  

Most people are familiar with chronological resumes, which are a list of your responsibilities rather than your skills or expertise. When you work with our team, our skills-based resumes will focus on just that. We will highlight your achievements and showcase how you will be an asset for the role in which you are applying for. We will provide concrete examples of the impact you have had, and successes you have achieved. 


Don’t use negative language or use words that may reflect poorly on your previous employers or colleagues. Your resume should always have a positive tone and focus on your personal accomplishments and contributions. In most cases, people have experienced a negative workplace. However, your resume is not the place to air your dirty laundry. Your resume should convey professionalism and showcase how you can adapt and handle challenges in a positive and constructive manner. 

Outdated contact information 

You would be surprised how often people miss this simple, but very important, aspect on a resume. Ensure you are using a professional email address! Avoid using nicknames or unprofessional usernames in your contact information. Also, ensure all your contact information is up to date, and lists the best way for potential employers to contact you. The last thing you want is to invest time and effort into a spectacular resume, only to miss the opportunity because you forgot to update your phone number! 

Your executive resume is a fantastic marketing tool, when crafted properly. Avoid these common mistakes to ensure you present yourself as the highly skilled and qualified professional you are. Of course, if you have questions or need help with your executive resume, our team is here to help.