Resumes are not “one-size-fits-all”. Each represents a unique individual, who have specific skill sets, and a particular objective. Therefore, when choosing a professional resume writer, it is important to ensure you pick someone who is reputable, reliable, credible, and offers expertise catered to your needs and desired career path.  


We often get asked, “What makes you different from your competition?” To find out the answer read on ahead.  


When you work with Resumes with Results, our goal is to discover your objective and cater your resume to meet those specific goals. While most other professional resume writers offer packages to choose from, (which are often generic templates) every one of our resumes is crafted based on individual clients. We do not offer templates, packaged deals, or have hidden fees.  


Our process also differs from other professional resume writers. We meet with each client for a consultation prior to beginning our services. After consultation, our wordsmiths will craft your resume. We believe in building trust and long-lasting relationships with our clients, many of which last well beyond the delivery of their resume. From recommendations, to returning clients, we pride ourselves on the relationships we develop with our clients. 


Since we do not use templates, your resume will look different and will highlight the responsibilities of what the job you are aiming for entails. 


Our writers have experience in a vast array of careers which gives us the ability to write more effectively. Therefore, your resume is sure to stand out! Many people do not realize what they have to offer, and it is part of our job to listen and uncover the skills you possess. The beauty of a resume is in the details; something we are meticulous about. We believe it is not what you say, but how you say it. We structure the words to ensure full impact; you will not find blanket statements in the resumes we create for you! 


Additionally, we are experts in writing a cohesive resume that stands strong against Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). While many people can guess obvious keywords that may be included by reading the job posting, that is only a small part of successfully getting your resume through. There are often words that are much less obvious and that is why hiring a professional, who can uncover those key words, will help you pass the brick wall called the ATS.  


Our goal is to ensure each client is satisfied and thrilled with their resume. At Resumes with Results, our style is to consult, understand your needs and wants, and then begin the conversation around fees. We do not ask for full-fees up front. We work with you throughout the entire process, and extend our services without hidden costs. We also review your resume with you to ensure your needs have been met. Once you sign off on the document, final fees will be collected.  


Thanks to Linda and Doug for being amazing humans and great at what they do. Right from the start Linda comes off as someone that cares about the service they are providing for you, and then they prove it to you. They are very accommodating, have a thorough understanding of what you are requiring and work with you every step of the way to give you the service you are looking for. They have met, and then exceeded the expectations that I had set for them. The day and age of being able to do this sort of resume on your own are setting, if you want your electrical looked at, you call a professional, well it’s the same for resumes. You don’t pay for the product until you see it and are happy about it, if not they will fix it, or you can part ways with no hard feelings. I had some reservations and questions about some of what my project was, they walked me through why they did what they did and made sure I was comfortable with it.I do research, I look around, I talk to people, I feel like Linda and Doug are a step above the rest. They aren’t just selling you a service, they are building a relationship, it doesn’t just stop at a resume. Once you are a client, they are available for anything else you need employment related, all part of the initial cost. That’s very telling of someone that wants to foster long-term relationships with a client. Yes it’s an investment, but a worthwhile investment. Why not invest in yourself? 

-Dylan D. 


At Resumes with Results, we do not just write resumes, we market careers! Our skills-based resumes do not generalize your career history but instead offers you a chance to be evaluated by your skills, qualifications and value to the company. Not only is our approach different from the rest, but so is our product.  


It is important to ensure you hire a company you can trust and rely on. When you hire Resumes with Results, you hire a team that will not only market your abilities but will support you along the way. Have questions? Call us today and let us discuss how we can help.