Resumes and Guarantees are two words which do not belong on the same page.

One site states they can guarantee you a killer resume. If they mean a resume that can kill your career opportunities, then I’d say they are quite accurate. There are literally millions of people world-wide that are involved in human resourcing and for anyone to say their resume will meet the standards of everyone, then I don’t think I need to tell you how insane that is.

Another site can say they guarantee interviews or they will rewrite the resume. How wonderful… except… if they could not get it right the first time, how would the second time be any better?

Then we have the famous money back guarantee. This belongs right alongside Unicorns because they are both a myth. Two things would happen with this type of guarantee. Either there would be endless excuses why your money could not be refunded or you would simply have to take them to small claims court and spend more than the refund is worth.

The most misleading guarantee is the one where they do not actually state what they are guaranteeing, or what they would do when you need to press their claim of a guarantee. Most “writers” use this word to invoke trust in you with no actual foundation for any trust. Legitimate and ethical professionals have no need to use the word “guarantee” as their success speaks louder than any false claims. After all, anyone claiming to guarantee an interview would need to own that company you are applying to in order to control that human resourcing department. I know if I owned a company like that, then I would not need to write resumes!