Most people will automatically blame the resume when expectations in job hunting fall short. This is logical because most people do not know, or understand, all the layers and steps the employment process has and think a resume is the magic answer. The truth is that the resume is the least likely to be at fault unless it is a poor quality document. This is much like expecting your Toyota automobile to win a competition against automobiles specifically designed and built to win. Employment is a race in which there are no points for second place.

A typed up template resume cannot compete with the quality of a custom designed and built skills-based resume. All things being equal, even the best resumes can fail to get that interview for many reasons beyond your control. Here are a few things to consider to improve your chances.

There are a great many reasons why a person does not get a call requesting an interview for a position. A simple google search can give an array of possible reasons why opportunities are not forthcoming. A good summary of reasons can be found at

Of course, there are more possible reasons but the point is that it is almost impossible to find out the exact reason, which could differ greatly from company to company. It is easy to see why most can blame the resume when in truth their are many factors beyond our control.

If you wish to try and identify specific reasons, you could create a list of each application, how it was submitted and the outcome. A pattern may emerge. As example, some only apply online, which is the most difficult to get results due to the inflated volume of applicants as well as the Applicant Tracking System screening software. You could try and follow up with companies for reasons, but you will rarely get honest answers. They usually give vague or canned responses to avoid any possible breaches of the provincial labour laws. Some of the most common “reasons” given are:

1- They do not like the format
2- They say it is too long or too short
3- They don’t want to read it

Targeting jobs one is most qualified for will yield better results overall. Spamming resumes everywhere and anywhere only makes it seem like a larger failure, which is false. Although a resume is usually blamed, in fact it is the last thing that should be targeted due to these other factors.

We hope this information helps to improve your opportunities for an interview and wish you better luck.