It is important to ensure that your social media presence reflects your values and standards. While most people consider their conduct on LinkedIn, it is essential that all your social media platforms reflect you appropriately and professionally. Many employers will seek out your profiles after they’ve reviewed your resume. In some cases, they will search for you prior to offering an interview. Depending on what they find, this could impact your chances for securing employment. It becomes key to make an excellent first impression across the internet. So, today, let’s chat about a few things you should do, or avoid doing, on social media. 

Research has found that 54% of employers have not hired a candidate based on their social media profiles, half of employers check current employees’ social media, with over a third being reprimanded or fired due to inappropriate content online. Have you considered that most review sites require you to log in and therefore leave a trail back to you?

Avoid personal attacks, as using hurtful, aggressive, or discriminatory language directed to an individual is not effective and reflects poorly on you.

Leaving a respectful review, which expresses the facts, the concern you wish to address and being open to a practical resolution is the best way to conduct yourself. This way, if a potential or current employer discovers your post, they will see that you can conduct yourself in an appropriate and respectful manner.  

Ideally, your best option is to share in-person feedback at the time. This way, you allow the opportunity for the situation to be rectified and handled offline. 

“It may feel awkward to voice a complaint face to face. But it’s better than spewing meanness from behind the safety of a screen, business owners say.”

The Washington Post 

Avoid discriminatory comments and posts 

While we strongly believe this should be common practice, and you should do your best to avoid confrontation or conflict online, this especially rings true if you are in search of a career change or actively seeking a new job. Keep in mind that current employers can locate you online. What you are posting, commenting on, or sharing could impact your employment, advancement or performance review. 

While you are entitled to your opinion, if you choose to use hateful language, and engage in spreading intolerance and anger, employers have the right not to hire you, or terminate you from your job

“78 percent of employers believe that current employees should maintain a work-appropriate social media profile.”

Business News Daily 

Conduct yourself professionally and respectfully 

Social media is a great way to bring attention to social issues and stand up for what you believe in. However, it is never a good idea to speak negatively about your previous employer or coworkers on an online platform. While you do not have to love every person you work with, employers are looking for individuals who can get along and work amicably with others. Hanging your dirty laundry out on Facebook is not professional.  

You also want to ensure you are not exposing private or confidential company information, as this demonstrates that you are not trustworthy. If you are speaking poorly of previous employers, what might you say about your new one? 

“28% (hiring managers) say they use a candidate’s social media presence to collect more info before scheduling them for an interview.” 

Human Resources Director

We understand that social media is a way to bring people together and allows you the space to express yourself. However, in doing so, always ask yourself if what you are posting could result in negative consequences.  

If you have questions regarding your social media presence, we would be happy to offer guidance. Contact our team today and make sure you are making the best impression online.