Like all things created, from writing resumes to building your dream house, there are realistic expectations and things which are simply impossible. Since then, the world has gotten a lot more complicated, and that also includes the world of employment. Education, standards, technology and careers are no longer as simple as they were back then.

Remember the three words Good, Fast, Cheap?

When it comes to resumes, people expect all three because this is how it was since the 50’s. Some people think some things stay the same while the rest of the world moves on. The truth is, it has always been that you can get any two of these, but it is impossible to get all three.

When shopping for a resume company to write your next resume, consider carefully which two of the three qualities you want built into your resume. Most people would not put their trust into a doctor or dentist that charged minimum wage for their services so why would you expect differently of anyone else, including the person you rely on to help you succeed in your career path?