One does not replace the other. One does not equal the other. Your resume and LinkedIn should work together in the manner each was designed to do. Your resume should never be copied and pasted into your LinkedIn profile. Many companies will search LinkedIn for suitable candidates to fill a position within the company before posting an opening to the internet. In the case of upper management or executive positions, many companies will quietly search for a possible replacement to avoid alerting an individual by means of a job posting that they are seeking to replace him or her. It is very important to keep your LinkedIn profile as well as your resume very current in case you are sought out.

Your LinkedIn is your best tool to draw attention to the value you can bring into an organization. It can often be a company’s first look at your talents before seeing a resume and you definitely want them to be impressed enough to contact you as a first step in the recruitment process. This is the place to indicate the value you can be to an employer and the tools you possess to help them achieve their goals. However, too much information is as bad as too little information. Also, you must include the right information to capture their interest and their desire to learn more about you. Too little information and they won’t be impressed. Too much information and they can judge you even before giving you the opportunity to impress them in an interview.

The internet is filled with all kinds of information about how to use LinkedIn, but like all information on the net, most is dated or simply wrong. The more you research a topic, the better you can judge what information is correct for you and your career. A LinkedIn profile should be like a tailored suit, and not a suit off the rack.

Here at Resumes with Results, we are in the business of understanding what makes you who you are and how to best market your skills, abilities, knowledge and experience. It is what makes us great at understanding how to make your LinkedIn profile speak to a prospective employer.