In preparing to welcome 2022 and help set you up for success, we have compiled six resume resolutions for you to consider this year as you embark on your job search.

Resolution #1: Perfect your resume

Your resume is the most important component of your job hunt when you are considering a career change or seeking new employment. These five key points should be at the forefront when it comes to perfecting your resume: map it out, stay consistent, include essential information, change it up, and always edit!

Resolution #2: Craft an impressive cover letter

Resumes and cover letters when requested work hand in hand, so it is imperative they both establish your credibility, expertise, and are well written. When it comes to your cover letter you want to ensure the following:

  • do not copy and paste,
  • avoid being generic,
  • always personalize,
  • show your individuality,
  • proofread (do you notice a theme here?)

Resolution #3: Understand applicant tracking systems

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is used by most companies to help streamline the job recruitment process. An automated procedure, an ATS efficiently organizes candidates according to experience, qualifications, and specific keywords that are included in their documents.

Many businesses use an ATS to find the most qualified candidates prior to formal selection. Therefore, it is important to educate yourself on what this means for your resume and cover letter.

Resolution #4: Consider hiring a professional

Bringing in an outside source to help craft, edit, and format your documents can mean a world of difference. A second opinion can strengthen your position during the hiring process. Our team of experienced wordsmiths craft skills-based resumes that are a minimum of 85% more effective than chronological resumes. If you are not sure where to start, Resumes with Results is a phone call away. Your success is our success.

Resolution #5: Know your value

We cannot stress this enough: You are valuable. You possess skills that make an ideal candidate for employment. Emphasize what makes you stand out and successfully display your skills. This will allow potential employers to see value.

Resolution #6: Commit to networking

Networking is a key step to your success in 2022. It can seem daunting, but committing time to building your online network will benefit your career endeavors. LinkedIn is an excellent professional media platform where you can connect with likeminded professionals. In return, you also offer value to those with whom you connect with. Remember, networking is not based around direct sales. It is about creating true connections with people, to help build your knowledge and resources, while sharing similar values and goals.

We are very much looking forward to helping you achieve success in the New Year with your resume resolutions. If you have questions, or need help crafting your resume, or online profile, our team of professionals would love to connect.

From all of us at Resumes with Results, we wish you a happy and healthy New Year!