When shopping for a new resume, it is important to understand what you are actually paying for. All resume services can be fit into two completely different categories…. pre-priced and custom.

Most people that have had resumes created in the past are familiar with resumes that are pre-priced. They are easy to spot as they are usually broken up into “packages” such as Basic, Standard, and Premium. Another popular breakdown could be Entry Level, Mid-Career, Professional, and Executive “packages”.

Although pricing is clearly indicated, what is not obvious is how this can work against your needs. Let’s take an example. No two people have the exact same career history because no two jobs are exactly identical. We all know that some people do more (or less) than the actual job calls for. Some are even doing more than one job description while still holding one job title. The problem becomes clear when you try and fit your career into a pre-determined package.

Let’s say your career history falls between Professional and Executive. Do you buy a Professional package which does not properly express all your experience? Do you buy an Executive package which would be over priced for your current level of experience? Clearly, package pricing has limitations which do not serve your best interest.

Custom resumes are by far the most effective because they are tailored to your exact history and priced accordingly. You are not overcharged, nor are you losing your qualifications because they did not fit into the pricing model.

Here at Resumes with Results, we custom write skills-based resumes, which are priced and tailored to your exact career history and precision markets you to your career objectives. Where others write one generic resume to cater to all your applications, we write resumes which can specifically target every job posting you wish to apply for, without being generic. Our resumes capitalize on the new standards in today’s employment world, such as the use of the Applicant Tracking System, and are a minimum of 85% more effective than pre-packaged and pre-priced templated chronological resumes.