Most of us are aware of the significant changes in the workplace that have taken place in the last two years due to the Global Pandemic. From shifts to working from home, to safely returning to the office, to discovering what is important to you both personally and professionally, we have all been impacted in some way. Many of us are left wondering what will happen in the workplace post COVID.

Today, let us discuss some of the expected changes to follow the Pandemic.

In a recent article from Gartner, 9 Future work trends of Post Covid-19, there are nine trends to be on the lookout for; we will highlight three that stood out for us.

More individuals will work remotely

Working from home can bring its own challenges. If you were one of the many quickly forced into working from home, this was likely a significant shift in both your personal and professional life. A recent poll conducted by Gartner, showed that 48% of employees will continue to work remotely for at least part of the time after Covid-19 in comparison to 30% before the Pandemic. Therefore, it is important to be prepared for this shift in the workplace. Whether you are hoping to advance within your current organization, or looking to change your career, it will be important to consider your goals and priorities.

Shift in the employer’s role

As the world shifted, so did the workplace. This includes the way in which companies operate and the way in which they support their employees. Working from home means the dynamic of the home office will impact employees differently than a traditional office setting. From extended sick leaves, financial assistance, adjusted hours, and childcare, many organizations have had to investigate how their company operates and how best they can support their employees.

The article states the following: “Personal factors rather than external factors take precedence over what matters for organizations and employees alike. Employing such measures can be an effective way to promote physical health and improve the emotional well-being of employees.”

Changing of skills and roles

Many workplaces will be looking to offer opportunities to employees which will help in their career development to succeed in their current role. This will allow many workers to enhance their skills and expertise, setting them up for success in their current position as well as for the future. Therefore, it is important to continue to focus on the skills you wish to strengthen and how best you can achieve career success.

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