Searching for a job can be intimidating. There is often a plethora of feelings associated with the journey, and that is completely understandable. Fear is a common, and normal, occurrence when looking for a job; whether it is something you are ready for or something that was unexpected. Today, we would like to discuss a few common job search fears, and some tips on how to help combat them. 

Fear of not measuring up 

Let’s discuss job postings. Often, when reading over the qualifications and expectations of a job, you may feel like you do not check every single box. While you certainly want to ensure you are qualified for the position, you are more likely not to have every skill or item listed.  

Do not let the fear of measuring up stop you from applying for the job. We are sure you are familiar with the phrase, “nothing ventured, nothing gained” and this is a great analogy for your job search journey. If the job sounds like it would be a good fit, you meet most of the criteria, and the values of the company align with yours, submit your resume. Putting yourself out there can be scary, but when you are called for an interview, you will be glad you did. 

Fear of embarrassment 

When applying for many jobs, you will experience rejection. This is not something to be embarrassed by, as it is part of the process. While we understand this is easier said than done, the people who support you and are invested in your success will continue to do so, even if you don’t secure an interview.  

The important part to remember is to put your best foot forward. Chances are, if you don’t get a call back, or are not offered an interview, the job was not the right fit for you. Take a moment, dust yourself off, and get right back into the game.  

Fear of time 

Searching for a job can be time consuming. However, this doesn’t mean every waking hour of your day should be consumed by it. We suggest you schedule certain blocks of time during your week that is dedicated to your job search.  

Set out clear goals to achieve during this time. Some examples of this may include: reading job postings, applying for a set number of jobs, connecting with your network, and/or, working closely with a professional resume writer. This way, you can use this time efficiently and productively. When your time is up, move on to something else to ensure you don’t burn out, or find yourself frustrated with the process. 

Looking for a new job is a significant shift in your life, and we want you to feel confident in your job search journey. One of the most important tools in your success will be your resume. So, if you are looking to vamp up your current resume, or need a new one, we would love to work with you! Contact us today, and let us help you overcome your fears, and find your dream job.