Age is just a number! Or so we are told. However, when it comes to securing an executive position, leveraging your age as an added benefit may give you a unique advantage compared to your younger counterparts. Therefore, we want to discuss a few ways you can use your age to add value to a potential position. 

According to AARP, “over a third (37.3 percent) of the U.S. essential workforce are ages 50 and older, amounting to 16.1 million workers.” 

Showcase your expertise 

As someone who has likely had many different roles, and several numbers of years spent in a specific industry or field, you have a plethora of experience to bring attention to. This can be done easily and effectively in a skills-based resume as your successes and achievements are at the forefront. It is important to demonstrate how your knowledge and time invested in your area of expertise can offer a seasoned perspective that organizations or businesses are seeking. 

Use your network 

We can’t express enough how valuable your network is, especially when you are actively seeking a new role or position. Throughout the years, you have probably created a vast network of contacts inside, and outside, of your industry. Drawing on the expertise of your network can do wonders for your job search when pursing an executive position. Whether it be asking for recommendations on LinkedIn, seeking advice from other executives, or connecting with peers in similar roles, be sure to take full advantage of the network you have spent time and effort curating. 

Showcase leadership 

As an executive, it is expected that you are an effective leader. With that, you can also position yourself as someone who can help mentor and guide younger employees. Offer specific examples of how you have led a successful team, and how you have helped others in meeting goals and achieving professional success. Your age is an indicator of the time you have dedicated to your industry, as well as to those you have had the opportunity to work with. 

Stay up to date with technology 

It is impossible to ignore the advancements in technology, and you want to ensure that your age doesn’t have you falling into stereotypes that can be associated with older workers tech skills. Therefore, ensure you highlight your abilities and strengths regarding technology, especially if it is listed in the job posting description. If you aren’t proficient in some areas, there are resources available online for you to utilize, or training through your organization may be available.  

Emphasize continuous learning 

With age comes a certain amount of growth and education. However, no matter your age, you should never stop learning and expanding your knowledge within your industry. Showcase your commitment and interest in professional development by highlighting additional education, certifications, or training you have completed. This will show potential employers that you are dedicated to staying on top of industry trends. 

While your age should not be the focus, there are benefits you can leverage as a seasoned professional. At the end of the day, your skills and expertise will speak volumes, and with a well-crafted resume, you will find success in achieving your professional goals. Contact our team today, and let’s get started!