When it comes to resumes, as long as no one else hands in a better quality resume, then the answer is YES! However, are you willing to gamble that your resume will triumph over the competition? If every person in the world of human resourcing played by the same rules and thought exactly as you do, then you would stand an excellent chance at getting that interview.

Since we are not clones, the odds of your resume being screened by someone that thinks exactly like you is… well… not encouraging, to say the least. You need an edge to get better odds at the “Employment Lottery”. That edge is having a resume that caters to the needs of all types of people involved in the world of human resourcing. They are the gatekeepers that your resume needs to get past. That edge comes from professionals that know how to market careers, not just type resumes. The two worst people to write your resume are yourself and a human resources professional. Here is why.

Every one of us, by nature, is not objective enough about ourselves to properly showcase our qualities on paper. We tend to be too humble to think certain qualities are worth putting on paper, or not worth mentioning. On the other side of that coin are people with an ego the size of the Empire State Building that overstate themselves with dripping arrogance.

Human resourcing professionals, on the other hand, are poor choices to write a resume as they are victims of the “rules” that they were trained in. Just ask a room full of these professionals a simple question about resumes and watch the mayhem ensue. The world of employment is ever changing but the people in that world accept change reluctantly, if ever. Society, and therefore us as individuals, tend to resist change.

So what is the answer to this dilemma? Choose a writer that can market your skills, abilities, knowledge and experience properly. The true professional is in tune with the ever changing world of employment and how to increase your odds, regardless of which type of HR professional reads your resume.

There is always more than one way to be right, but you need to be more right that your competition.