Transferable Skills:

When applying for jobs, we all tend to underestimate ourselves when we represent ourselves in a resume. Most often, we will undervalue ourselves thinking some skills are too trivial to include in that new resume. Also, most will only provide the qualities which the posting asks for and no more than that. This will likely result in a resume that is too weak overall to make it into the final selection process.

Here is where transferable skills can win the day by adding extra value to your resume. We are all more than the sum of our parts so let’s use what we can to add value to our resumes. Let’s say a job you are interested in applying to has a requirement of writing reports, which you have done in past jobs. Do you think it may help your application for them to know that you have experience in other types of writings? Would a job as a professional driver be enhanced by an applicant that has a hobby in driving stock cars at the local speedway?

We all have skills, abilities, knowledge and experience that can apply to many types of jobs. When worded correctly, this is added value to a resume that can tip the scale in your favour and get hired faster. For a company, all things are not equal and they will always choose the person that is the best investment for the position.