Many resume writing websites will usually state some type of interview guarantee. This sales tactic sounds great but actually has no advantage. Let’s break them down to see what you can actually expect.

What are the conditions? Most sites do not state what qualifies to actually trigger the guarantee condition. Also, most sites do not state what happens if you need to invoke the guarantee. How many applications must be sent in order to invoke this mysterious guarantee? How much time is required before invoking this guarantee? This is where the “guarantee” starts to fall apart.

The customer (you) is not able set the conditions upon which a guarantee can be invoked. The resume writing entity is the one that makes their own rules and conditions which are usually made up on the spot in response to each “complaint”. An ethical company will NEVER make such claims as they cannot back them up with actual results. The typical “guarantee” is that they will rewrite the resume if you fail to get an interview. If they were not able to make it work the first time, how can you expect them to “fix” it? Also, if they could fix it, then why did they not do it right the first time?

Furthermore, even if you had the “best” resume, you are not able to control the market. If others applying have better qualifications, then you still lose out. Companies will not interview everyone that meets their criteria but rather will pull the top few candidates from the pile of resumes to actually interview. Again, this is out of the ability for any writer to control, rendering any guarantee useless.

How do you combat this? Easy! A company’s record of success means far more to you than some vague unspecified guarantee. Results matter …. not promises.