Starting your job search journey can be overwhelming. From crafting your resume to finding the right job postings, it can be challenging to even know where to start. When it comes time to start looking for jobs, there is an excellent resource: Government of Canada Job Bank. So, today, let’s discuss further about how Job bank can help you with your job hunt. 

The Government of Canada Job Bank offers a variety of different jobs in several different industries. With over one million jobs advertising every year on the website, you can be certain there is something for everyone. Not only that, but Job Bank is a safe and reliable resource where over 200,000 employers use it to post jobs, and around 100,000 job seekers visit every single day. The website is also user friendly, making it simple to find a job, or have a potential employer reach out to you. 

These statistics from Job Bank speak volumes: 

  • 84,000 jobs advertised per month 
  • 200,000 registered employers 
  • 8.2 million job postings per month 
  • 1.45 million career profile views per month 

The ease of navigating Job Bank, makes finding a potential job much simpler than scanning through hundreds, or thousands, of job postings. Using distinct key words in your search, you can be specific and narrow down your results. There is also an “Advanced Search” option which makes your list even shorter, and more catered to exactly what you are looking for in a future position. 

Get notified! Job Bank offers the ability to be notified when certain jobs, pertaining to your interests, are posted. Since new jobs are posted daily, you can be certain to stay on top of job listings by receiving a notification to your email address. You can also turn off the alert or modify whenever you like. 

There are also some excellent resources available through Job Bank. Some of these include career planning and labour market information. With career planning, you can explore different fields of studies to see what graduates of those programs are doing. You can also take quizzes to learn about your personality and which jobs are the best fit. If you are uncertain about the career path you should take, this is an excellent way to discover and educate yourself on a variety of options.  

The labour and market information enables you to compare wages of different occupations, browse news regarding the job market, and stay updated about all the latest employment trends in Canada. 

Job Bank also allows individuals to search job postings from all around Canada. So, whether you are seeking a job in your current province, or are looking to relocate, you can find a variety of listings from your desired location. 

There are also resources available to help specific groups to successfully find employment. These include: 

  • Young Canadians 
  • Indigenous people 
  • Newcomers to Canada 
  • Foreign candidates from outside of Canada 
  • Temporary foreign workers 
  • Persons with disabilities 
  • Veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces 

If you are a first-time visitor to Job Bank, click here to get started. Navigating from here will allow you to choose whether you are a recruiter looking to hire, or if you are someone looking to find your next position. 

If you haven’t tried Job Bank before, we highly suggest you have a look. Once you have found the ideal listing, be sure to contact our team to ensure your resume is ready to help land the interview!