We have spoken quite a bit about the importance of finding what career you are best suited for. Whether that be through a personality test, or asking yourself what you don’t want in your next employment, there are several different ways to discover your true passion. Today, we would like to discuss another way, known as the Zone of Genius. So, let’s dive into what this term means, and how you can utilize it in your professional life.

What is the Zone of Genius? 

The term, Zone of Genius is from the book The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. In it, Hendricks outlines the following four zones: 

Zone of Incompetence 

The zone of incompetence is where you do something that you are not good at. This will vary depending on the individual but can be anything from playing a musical instrument to coding a website.  

Zone of Competence 

In this zone, a range of activities that a person does well is included such as your skills, knowledge, or experience. In the Zone of Competence, individuals can complete tasks with ease, and produce quality results.  

Zone of Excellence 

This zone refers to the activities and tasks in which you excel at and perform at a high level. While this zone often results in success and recognition, Hendricks suggests that it’s not quite the goal to achieve optimal happiness and fulfilment. 

Zone of Genius 

The Zone of Genuis is where your natural abilities and your passions intersect. Ultimately, in this zone, it’s about doing what you love, what comes naturally and aligning those with your unique talents and abilities. 

How to Uncover your Zone of Genuis 

While most of us recognize what we are naturally good at, or what comes easily, it can be challenging to truly discover your Zone of Genius because it is so engrained in who we are.  

Also, some people have not likely taken the time to identify the intersections of their passions, strengths and the activities that bring deep fulfillment and purpose. 

However, there are some ways you can uncover your Zone of Genius:


Make a conscious effort to track and record tasks or activities throughout your day and note where you lose track of time because you are so engaged with what you are doing. Next, consider the times when you felt a strong sense of accomplishment or satisfaction. On the other hand, be sure to recognize activities you dread or leave you feeling drained as well as those that make you excited and leave you feeling energized. 

Identify your strengths 

Create a thorough list of your skills, talents, and strengths. Be sure to include both your hard skills (abilities that can be measured or quantified) as well as your soft skills (abilities that can’t be defined or measured). It is also a good idea to enlist the help of friends, family, colleagues, and managers. People who know you well will be able to offer suggestions that you might not have considered or acknowledged. 

Combine your strengths and passions 

Consider opportunities where you can leverage your strengths to align with your passions. Ask yourself the following: How can you use your unique combination of skills and interests to create value? This will help guide you toward your purpose and lead you toward a profession you will excel at and love doing. 

While exercises like finding your Zone of Genius or understanding your personality type are likely not the definitive answer to your professional journey, they are certainly interesting and can provide valuable insight.  

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