Crafting a resume can seem like a daunting task when you are changing careers. You may feel concerned that you won’t measure up in comparison to other candidates who have worked and have direct experience in the field. However, using a skills-based resume will make you stand out from the competition and regain your career confidence.  

Craft a skills-based resume 

Most people have been taught that the only way to write a resume is to simply list all career history from the present position on down.  This includes an outline of generic duties, that has been done on a daily basis. This is basically a living obituary. This style is considered a chronological resume and is very limited in marketing the value of the applicant.

A skills-based resume markets your skills, qualifications, accomplishments, achievements, recognitions, and successes to indicate to the future reader the value / worth of the applicant. This is what separates the candidate from the sea of applicants and informs the Hiring Manager the worth of the applicant and why they should be interviewed and hired.  During our consultation process, we learn in detail about our clients in order to market their value to obtain results in the application process and the interview.

Highlight Transferable Skills 

It’s easy to overlook the applicable skills gained in previous positions or jobs in different industries. With a skills-based resume we help identify and emphasize the transferable skills from your previous experience and shine a spotlight on how those are relevant to your new position. From leadership and communication to project management and problem solving, our resume writers craft a skills-based resume supported with quantifiable examples that show your value as an employee

No matter your level of work experience it is important to consider what knowledge adds to your expertise, and how it will be of value to potential employers. We help you to be confident in the skills you have always had to show that you are a well-informed and a motivated candidate.  

Tailor your resume 

It is imperative that you clearly understand the skills and expertise outlined for the new position and use vital keywords found within the job description to help ensure your resume passes the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Using keywords from the description helps demonstrate your fit for the role and progressing to the next stage of the hiring process.

Our team of writers all have experience in writing resumes for a variety of clients in a wide range of industries. We also have first-hand expertise in many of these careers, which enables us to have a clear picture of expectations. This allows us to market you to organizations in the best way possible.

Resumes with Results is here to help you as you navigate your career change journey. We look forward to hearing from you