With 2024 in full swing, it is important to recognize what is happening in the current job market. Since industries experience ebbs and flows according to what is happening in the world, these changes can have a significant impact for those who are considering looking for a new job.  

Today, we want to highlight some of the key findings in relation to hiring demands in Alberta, and how the team at Resumes with Results can help. 

The Government of Alberta Labour Market Notes provides excellent insight into the current job market.

Here are some of the main findings for Alberta in April:

Employment in the province fell by 3,200 month-over-month in March, after advancing considerably since last September. However, despite this small lull, employment in the private sector advanced during the month. Employment was up 3.4% year-over-year in March, with the strength concentrated in the private sector and in full-time positions. The unemployment rate moved from 6.2% in February to 6.3% in March “as the monthly job losses overwhelmed a dip in the labour force.” 

Increased unemployment numbers also increase competition for job applications, especially at an executive level. It is important to note that the job market can change significantly from month to month. One of the best ways to be ready to apply to positions as they arise is to be sure your resume exceeds employer standards.  

Resumes with Results wants to help you stand out from the rest.   

Our skills-based resumes capture your skills, abilities, knowledge, and experience. This information highlights your value and makes you a better choice to interview. As the competition continues to heat up, it is imperative that your resume doesn’t fizzle when it comes to Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

An ATS will scan resumes, picking up on specific keywords and criteria to deliver the top-ranking candidates to recruiters. While efficient, ATS software is not always accurate or shows the full picture of a candidate’s resume. Qualified individuals can be overlooked due to the lack of relevant keywords. Our skills-based resume writers are professionals and can help you craft the ideal skills-based resume to exceed expectations and let your resume shine in front of the hiring manager. 

We believe that the state of the job economy demands the preparedness of a potential applicant. Having a resume that is updated, relevant, and uniquely crafted will serve to secure the career you deserve. Our writers have experience in a vast array of careers, which gives us the ability to write an effective resume, catered to each individual client.

Don’t get overlooked in a competitive market! Our talented team will create your new resume and get you noticed. Contact us today, and let’s get started.