Adding these to your resume will certainly make your document look tidy and neat, but may cost you an interview!

Professional typists can do wonders in making a document look appealing. Professional resume writers can make sense out of “organized confusion” and clean up a messy resume. However, unless your resume professional TRULY understands the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that pre-screens resumes, then all that effort is in vain.

Since most companies today use an ATS, understanding how it works is only half the battle in getting your resume through to the HR department. The more important half is understanding the faults of the ATS software and how to use that to your advantage. As the title of this Blog suggests, Tables, Columns, Headers and Footers are a huge negative factor in being screened successfully. The ATS does not recognize these fields, and thus, the information contained within these fields are invisible to the software. They are not read. The ATS can only score points on what it can read in your resume, which means you may not score high enough to be flagged for human eyes, missing out on an opportunity to interview. We encourage all job seekers to research the internet on this topic because it is the greatest roadblock to your success.

Here at Resumes with Results, we have made it our business to know as much about how this software works as well as its failings. We have gone to the source and spoken with the creators of this software and learned many of its design flaws. This information allows us to better represent our clients in every resume we do.