As someone once said… It’s in the details. What makes you stand above other applicants for the same job? Of course, it’s in the details! All things being equal, additional skills or abilities you can offer an employer which will complement the position being applied for will make you a better choice for the position. Public speaking, as an example, is an often overlooked skill which can have a large impact on who gets hired to fill that vacant slot.

Public speaking is an important skill for many professions and many employers place a high value on public speaking skills. Candidates who possess those skills are often placed into prominent roles within a company and are fast-tracked to leadership roles. Most think of public speaking is to be able to defeat your nerves and speak to an audience, but this is just the starting point. An effective speaker must have the ability to accurately ‘read’ the audience, articulate a presentation of ideas and possess an engaging presence and style.

Your resume should include qualities you possess which can complement any position you apply for.

It truly is the “little” things that matter.