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Chronological resumes are a thing of the past

We write leading-edge and cutting-edge skills-based resumes with the strategic emphasizes on marketing a person's knowledge, experience and value to a potential employer.   These skills-based documents are a minimum of 85% more effective than chronological resumes, simply because they were never designed to serve today's evolved human resourcing requirements.  Our 30 year history of marketing careers successfully is proof that we can help you in your career endeavour.

We are a full-service professional career marketing resume writing service.  Our clients enjoy the benefit of additional   free services related to employment.   Areas of assistance most requested are with cover letters, interviewing tips and coaching, obtaining  proper letters of references and how to capitalize on the application process other than strictly online.

We are interested in making you a life-long client with    all the benefits and assistance we can offer.

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Make a powerful first impression at every level of your Career

The most important document in your career is your resume! Resumes with Results expert writers take a strategic approach to identifying your key strengths and accomplishments and craft them in a way that will make your resume stand out in today's crowded job market.

Resumes with Results specializes in the business of marketing you to employers by utilizing specific knowledge in fluently articulating what you want to attain and the evidence that proves you can do it.

First impressions DO make the difference....

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